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Leslie Martin, NYS-LMT, CAT, Still Point/CST, BFP, FSC

THE PURPOSE OF MASSAGE/BODYWORK is to transform us by alleviating discomfort, enhancing wellness, and to act as an ally with other therapies. Bodywork provides preventive support and especially aids in your transitioning progress if you are moving through a detoxification period, whether this is due to illness and recovery, or from leaving poor dietary choices behind in favor of your unique discoveries via Clinical Nutrition. Research continues to prove that Massage Therapy is truly a unique and wonderful modality for providing soothing presence and compassionate touch for all and especially for the elderly or frail.

If you are new to self-care, Massage Therapy is indispensable for calming and stabilizing the emotions, enlivening the circulation of fluids locked within tense overworked soft tissues, and helping you to tune in to your body’s needs and changes. Consider this: “If you listen to your body when it whispers, then you will not have to listen to it scream.” If you are not used to ‘tuning in’, let bodywork come to your aid. It can be a time of deep listening.

LESLIE MARTIN has been involved in wholistic health care since 20 years old. Fascinated by all things that support wellness and prevent disease, she shares all good things that allow our body, mind, and spirit return to their own powerful self-healing abilities.


From NYS New York College of Health Professions, Syosset:

License in Massage Therapy, 1984. Certification in AMMA Therapy®, 1988. Associate Degree in Occupational Studies for Massage Therapy, 1994.

Metropolitan Institute of Interior Design: Feng Shui Consultant,1998.

Dr Bach Foundation: Bach Flower Remedies Practitioner, 1999.

John E. Upledger Institute, Palm Beach Gardens, FL: CranioSacral Therapy, Somato-Emotional Release, Dolphin Assisted 1998 – 2018.

ChiGong & NuiGong continuing study, Tao Sifu Share K. Lew of Lu Dong Bin Taoist Elixir Style and Peter Yates, L.Ac, Kung Fu Sifu: 1999 – 2018.

SUNY Empire State College B.A., 2018.


Smithtown Acupuncture & Wellness, 2017. Medical care team.

Inner Arbor Healing Arts, 2000. Specializing in self-care education using cultivation practices such as ChiGong, NuiGong, mudra, breath, hatha yoga, body/mind symbology, Feng Shui. Classes in ChiGong/NeiGong, Feng Shui, Sound Healing.

Massage Therapy for Caregivers & Those They Care For, 2010. Focusing on geriatric and hospice patients and those under nursing or palliative care, as well as their caregivers, some of the most needful of supportive restorative care and non-invasive touch.

Ladies Ayurvedic Health Spa, Maharishi Education Center, Deer Park, 2005-2006: Ayurvedic Massage Specialist and Spa Co-Manager. Modalities: traditional Abhyanga Dual Massage, Shirodhara, Swedana.

New York College of Health Professions, Syosset, 1987-2003: Associate Professor and Senior Student Clinic Supervisor. Instructor of Amma Therapy®, European Massage, Wholistic lifestyle. Curriculum development.

May your inner world be well.

You & I, we are all healers ~ my personal belief

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